Sunday, September 21, 2014

Indonesia-Penang Trip IX

2 June 2014
Theatre-themed Warung and The Bomb

After the whole shopping frenzy, it was time for lunch. We went to this warung that was themed like a theatre, 60s 70s kind of theatre. And there were posters describing known Indonesian celebrities. Other than that, there was a screening going on in the middle of the warung with theatre-like step seats. Surrounding it were some small stalls as explained to imitate how stalls used to park around the theatre during the old days.

The dish were served out like mixed-vege style, only in Indonesian/Malay-like cuisine. We get to pick what we want and how much we need and get it calculated at the cashier.

The plates looked so old-school. My aunt has these in her house and I prettymuch ate using these for my whole primary and secondary school. And these are the regular beverage menu there too!

After picking here and there, we finally gotten five plates and feast on them. Most of them were very nice and were cooked with enough spices. 

We tried the concau here. There were two kinds of cincau. One was similar to what we drank in Malaysia and Singapore. Another one was cincau hijau, which gave a more grassy smell. However, the drink was rather refreshing and I think it is quite acceptable.

After the meal, we were drove to a roadside stall that sell these legendary chips. They were THE BOMB. Came with level 3, 5 and 10, according to its spiciness, I think level 3 was too mild while 10 was quite a challenge. This time, we were just trying our first time.

According to our local friend, this brand was started by this lady Ma Ichi who sell her chips on these small stalls and later scaled up. It sounds cool!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Can You Land The TARDIS?

BBC Doctor Who came up with an online game, a short one, for some entertainment I supposed. It is a very simple manouver game on guiding the TARDIS through time vortex and finally showing it landing on Earth, not a very smooth one. After that, it will unlock a new content, which turned out to be a short snippet of the episode "Listen" which will be out soon.

The link is here and have fun!

Monday, September 01, 2014

Battling Alone

This piece was originally a trash, or a sketch. I found this piece of unwanted cardboard in the office and decided to just doodle on it. I reflected on how our everyday was to go against odds and battle our way to survive. Not that our life is hard, but that there's something worth fighting for. However, many of the times, there are things we could fight alongside with our friends and family. There are, however, things that only ourselves could go through. Others can only do so much. And these are the times when it is testing and challenging us. Fear not as we battle alone. Take a rest, and battle again. Hence, this piece. It's like a little moment when one take a break from a long time battle, and decided to get a quiet time somewhere, which is pretty much what I do most of the time. Drew this using a black pen and I was surprised by the effect.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran

Really really like this song by Ed Sheeran (actually I like many of his songs). It was featured in the movie The Fault in Our Stars. In the video however, there were so many encouraging messages and many related to the movie/book.

Here is the lyrics:

It's just another night
And I'm staring at the moon
I saw a shooting star
And thought of you
I sang a lullaby
By the waterside and knew
If you were here,
I'd sing to you
You're on the other side
As the skyline splits in two
I'm miles away from seeing you
I can see the stars
From America
I wonder, do you see them, too?

So open your eyes and see
The way our horizons meet
And all of the lights will lead
Into the night with me
And I know these scars will bleed
But both of our hearts believe
All of these stars will guide us home

I can hear your heart
On the radio beat
They're playing 'Chasing Cars'
And I thought of us
Back to the time,
You were lying next to me
I looked across and fell in love
So I took your hand
Back through lamp lit streets I knew
Everything led back to you
So can you see the stars?
Over Amsterdam
You're the song my heart is
Beating to

So open your eyes and see
The way our horizons meet
And all of the lights will lead
Into the night with me
And I know these scars will bleed
But both of our hearts believe
All of these stars will guide us home

And, oh, I know
And oh, I know, oh
I can see the stars
From America

Happy Independence Day or National Day, Malaysia!

It's 31st of August, and it is the National Day in Malaysia.

Just as every year, there will be among us, some who would dig out about the Malaya Independence Day instead of Malaysia topic. Well, this piece is solely my opinion and let me get this straight.

By technical date, 31st of August 1957 was indeed the declaration of the Malayan Federation. It was not until 31st of August 1963 that Sabah finally declared Self-Government Day and later joined in by Sarawak. However, the joining of the two Borneo states with Malaya Federation to form Malaysia was not going very smoothly, with tension from Sukarno over from the Indonesia side. And hence, it was until 16th September 1963 that Malaysia was officially formed. 

If you ask me, is the debate of 16th September being Malaysia Day more appropriate, I would not say no. However, while we are firing questions about how true is this and that, I realized we are slowly losing the point.

National Day or Independence Day, is eventually just a date to commemorate an event, where our nation was no longer governed by the crown of British, but our own. It was a note, that there was a point when we were given the chance to grow up and run our own country and be on our own. It is not, however, a literal representation of a certain date, like birthday. Going down the literal line, I wouldn't be able to tell on which day I should celebrate Christmas, or when was Aristotle born due to the different calendars used and the really screwed up time difference at that time.

In my humble opinion, I see this day, as a reminder, for who we really are and to reflect on whether it is worth it, whether all the effort done by all the people during the time were not in vain. Have we really gone independent? Are we able to run on our own? Are we keeping up with the rest of the world? Are the people better off now and treated more at home?

These are the questions we should ask and in response, refining our personal quality, to work towards a better country and provide a better place for generations and generations to come. 

I'm proud to be Malaysian and glad I have a home there. But let's not forget that we are the children of the world too. 

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