Saturday, February 25, 2006


Yay! After months for learning those basics of guitars, at last, I am allowed to play a song. A true song. The first song I learn is "Welcome to My Life" by Simple Plan! I learn strumming first though, and it is not bad. At least I could catch up with the beat and strum without any problem. This news sounds good, but my fingertips are now very sore to play. That is all because my teacher wants me to practice many excercises before learning the song. As I am so thirsty of learning a new song, I play so much until my fingertips feel painful. That, I guess, need some more hard work to get my skills a "level up". And I don't know whether it is my Dad or Pleasure did it, the amplifier seems to went low recently. I thought of connection, at first, but that could not be. I checked and checked until I "raise white flag"! Then, I confide myself that it is because of that lousy amplifier...must be low quality! But I do wish someone who know exactly how to sort this out will quickly get it a go or I can't stand the buzzy noise coming out of it whenever I play guitar (of course, that buzzy noise isn't because I play the guitar badly).

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