Sunday, March 05, 2006

Digital Fotress

After I bought "Digital Fotress" by Dan Brown, I read it as carefully as I could. It's not easy to persuade my Dad to buy me this book. And there it was, I read it now! It is really a fine book, though, it is not as good as "Da Vinci Code" but it really is a good book, which shows many foolishness of human. How they just act like b****** and think they're maturely an adult when their IQ and common sense are poorer than a kid. How the bright sides turned into monster while the blacks turned out to be as pure as mineral water! However, this book contains too many explainations about techno and it sometimes drive me mad! Though, some of the ways they done their work are still brilliant and worth a know. And don't kill me if it is bad, because I never promise it as an attractive book, but only said that you can read it!

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