Sunday, March 12, 2006

Indoor Downpour

I woke up yeaterday morning and found out that my room was full of water (not full, but water everywhere) ...I thought flood? No, it can't be. I was on the 1st floor, there's impossible to flood until the 1st floor! So, I switched on the light and looked around. My painted-white-wall behind my bed has a sign of water drippling down from the ceiling! OH I SEE! It's the rain yesterday...It's not a thunderstorm, but it is quite a heavy rain...maybe the rain just dripped into here, i thought. So, I ignored it. And guess what happened? Later that day, which I believe the water should had dried out, when I entered my room once more...the floor which I mopped early that day, is now wet again. My God! Is there anything wrong? I called my Mum and she called my Dad...and my Bro, who is always a want-to-know person, ran to my room and look at the wall...Then, at last, we consider that as pipe-bursting...maybe there're pipes which broke from up there...sigh...unluckily it was Sunday today, and there is no plumbers around. As the water dripped through the suis...I don't dare switch on lights or fans anymore...Sigh...another lightless night!

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