Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ready for National Service

ALL PACKED!!! Despite of watching television programmes, playing online games, or drawing several out-of-the-point drawings, I spared my time packing things. I scrawled, climbed, jumped, ducked, walked, ran...just to find out all the things I need to National Service. Whew! It's not an easy job, man! You know, I just put my things everywhere, and I never remember where I had put them. And at one time, I have to find them all out...that's not funny, it's some kind of treasure hunting programme! After finding them out, I have to arrange them well, and crammed them into bags. Tucking the edge of clothes into the bag, stuffing belongings into them...and that make me sweat. I have to recount every moment if I had left out any tiny, little bit of things, or I will cry out loud for weeks in camp...worse, if it is something I need to use everyday. Now, turn to talismans and religions...sigh...My Mum get me talisman and pray for me...That's too great and I think that's how normal mothers will do to their ickle-little daughters...
Now, ready in my room, bags and pails...I need to sleep earlier tonight, or I will miss the bus. Good Luck to me and all other NS trainees all around the world!

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