Monday, March 13, 2006

SPM Result Released

Today is an extraordinary day. I woke up very early just because a few piece of paper. It's the time to get SPM result. My brother have his music theory exam, so I have to go to school by 8.15 am. There, I waited for two hours, when everyone started to flood in the school. I saw my friends, and mostly in very nervous expression. Then, the result is out!

This is my result:
Malay 1 A
English 1 A and 2 A for GCE O-level Eglish
Chinese 2 A
Mathematics 1 A
Additional Mathematics 1 A
Physics 1 A
Chemistry 3 B
Biology 4 B
(English for Science and Technology)
Moral Education 4 B
History 5 C
Chinese Literature 2 A
Accountancy 1 A

I really think I would cry out loud in my school, but I didn't do it at last. There are many who scores 10 As and above. Even one in my school scores 13 A1s. She's of course a good student. Well, my result is really bad, and I think my parents are actually disappointed, but they never tell me. I just have tears rolling in my eyes but I quickly dried them with my sleeve before they saw it. Though, I congrats those who get good results.
I am hopeless now...just wish for the best will come, though, although I pray much, God always give me two of them, just two, and they're healthy and safe. Though, I am still appreciating God for giving me this, because even I get no other things of my pray, sometimes, many other people on the world can't even have healthy and safe...

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