Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hols from NS

Blah...Blah...whew!!! It's Cheng Beng, and all chinese are allowed to come back from the National Service camp for 3 days. It's not too long and not too short...just feel all right. Before I go to National Service, I thought it was somekind of military camp with strict discipline. That sounds scary, you know. And I just kept very alone at first there. But after some times, all become so good. They had got their own time for strict discipline and some time for really fun! Teachers are all sporting and good, and their activities are quite neatly managed. We have got uniforms, some will be handed back when the Service is ended, and some will be taken home. They are really good clothes, when it is not what we call fashionable...they are "wearable"! It's like life in hostels...neating room and doing chores. It's all like self management, and is a good lesson for someone like me. No washing machines for clothes...just pails and detergens!

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