Saturday, June 03, 2006

Start of Form 6

Form 6 school term just started and I was sent into 6RS5. I manage to settle myself in there but lately, something happened. I found out that some teacher seems to be giving us up just because we are the last class in Biology. However, the reality is really opposing this fact much. Our class is full of students who wants to emerge themselves into a better result, they are so hardworking and try to learn. They are not worst, I think, just a bit unlucky during SPM. If I have to say, I am the laziest in class...But then, the new term starts, everyone is hoping to start a new life, just forget how ugly our SPM result is, but all we got are words from teacher. That's not something wrong, but that is something which definitely will decrease our strength. Hence, I think I should wish Good Luck and All The Best to me and my class, 6RS5.

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