Sunday, July 02, 2006

Insects Project

Recently, our Biology teacher just stated that the Insect project should be started by now. And the mood of capturing insects is apparently high in the schoolground. As a first-time-experiment, I bought 25 crickets for RM1. With these, I can share some of them with others. That day, we just rush into the lab without revising the students' manual carefully, and end out asking many stupid question. However, at last we still manage to do things quite right. Time passed so quickly. Stressed by the thought that the another Chemistry lesson is on the go, and no experience, we really sweat much while working hard to do the best. After we used the chloroform, we injected formalin into the crickets. Next, we pinned them on cardboards. Due to not fully prepared, we don't have any cardboards except an extremely hard ones from the book store. This is such suffers as we have to spend much time and energy, just to force the pin across the board. At last, we had pinned them well and sent them into the oven. The next day, we went to the oven excitedly to fetch our "works" home. However, so very disappointing, the 2 I had done is not as good. One is good, but by the end of the day, its "leg" was broken. the other one can stand still until now, but its abdomen is really flat...I don't know what causes it. So far, I think it is called well-done for a newcomer like me. Hence, I will try more to get a better result.

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