Thursday, April 24, 2008

How to Make a Quill Without Feather?

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All right, now, this actually had been done years ago... But I thought there are many people doing the same until I found out no one actually did it... And the intuition to make a quill came after reading Harry Potter... and noticed about the history of writing instrument. The first thing is ingredients - Making Quill from Used Pen

Ingredients: Penknife, Used Pen(Best: simple ballpoint pen's ink cartridge... the slimmer is the cartridge, the better) and some ink to try it on...

Method: First, cut of the pen tip part with the metal... then the whole cartridge will look like a tube. Then, cut one of the tips diagonally... and leaving the tips as small angle as possible. Next, you will see the sharp tip of the quill with the ' v ' shape. In the middle cut a straight line in the middle of the ' v ' right until the very tip. make sure the cut is through until the other side of the plastic. Okay... you are done! The basic of the new-style-quill is done. All you need to do is dip it into the ink and start using it. In between, you can adjust the tip shape or ink flows by cutting the tip or the line.


quill 1quill 2 quill 3

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