Thursday, April 24, 2008

Les Efoirés 2006

I think it is one of the programme but what I see is very nice... At first I am attracted by the songs... Then I found out the lyrics are nice too! Thanks for some fans, I found the song list:

ENTRE NOUS with Marc Lavoine - Originally by Chimène Badi
MON FRERE with Francis Cabrel - Originally by Maxime Leforestier
SANG POUR SANG with Patricia Kaas - Originally by David Halliday
DIS MOI QUE L'AMOUR with Natashe St Pier - Originally by Marc Lavoine
PETITE SOEUR with Tina Arena - Originally by Laam
PRENDRE UN ENFANT with Chimene Badi - Originally by Yves Duteil

All of them had their own attractive part... so, I am glad I can share it with you!

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