Monday, June 02, 2008

The Big Brown Envelope

In mid-May, I was told to check my application status in NUS(National University of Singapore) web site. And that's when I knew I was given the offer for Science 2008/2009. It's really something like miracle. People just tell me it's hard to get, and I sort of apply as a try. And here it is, the Big Brown Envelope which arrived a week later, stating offer into Faculty of Science: offer letter, freshman guide, leaflets, forms, forms.... and forms. This is the offer letter:


Then, what should I do? I have to fill the forms needed, read my eyes out of the freshmen guide (really, I am not sure anyone will read it properly, but I still read it). And the most difficult part is deciding to accept it. The result for place in local university is in the third week of June. It's really hard to accept it. But after all, I decided to accept this one. And then, I am going to prepare myself to the university, including packing, passport, many more and also attending the welcome tea... I hope I can cope with it and head towards my future...

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housefly said...

CONGRADSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!oh wow oh wow oh wowwwwwww nussss!!! one of the world's top uni=)when are u leaving for sg? u must be all excited now!