Monday, June 23, 2008

Can I Trust ---> Me?

It's hurt! It's painful to make the decision. It means I am older and I need to start doing things myself, doing decision myself. And it hurts more when parents are expecting me to do the best but I turned out to be doing something stupid. First the laptop, then the bank... I just don't know how can I grow up? I keep doing things that they don't agree. It really hurts me. I feel like I am a very bad child, very bad until I am like one who make my family suffers... But I don't know what can I do to make solve this. Then, no one knows how painful when you are formally isolated. Choosing a path less taken is always so cruel. There's no one there to help you when you are just going to have a kick start. All those friends around, they can't help anything except for some supportive words... When they have something to busy with, I am not; When it was my turn, they were not... It's like an invisible iron wall that started to build between us... Is this life? I now started to feel what Robert Frost felt years ago... However, the road to future is always so miserable. You never know whether the road you took is the right one, until something happen. In people's eyes, I am not a person who are suitable to take a path so less taken... Their words really make me hesitate although I had already made decision... The feeling is very horrible and terrible. No one really will know how I feel...


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housefly said...

dont look back once u have made a decision.not too sure wat happened to u, but last two years i made alot of costly mistakes too and i felt shitty. but how else will we learn if not from blunders?=)