Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jonas Brothers CD Album

Ooh... I had been searching for Jonas Brothers' CD Album for quite some month but I couldn't actually buy their album except listening through Internet. Then here come today when I had some shopping in Megamall. And for those who knew me, going into a book store is almost a must while I shop in a mall. I went into the book store and had some search. And I was so excited when I found Jonas Brothers' CD album over the shelves... There was only one CD of them (sigh...). I chose it and I ran downstairs for my Mom for the membership card so that I can buy it at a cheaper price. So after discount, it's around RM 35++. It's really a very happy event because I don't get original CD album all the time (we get CDs which we pass between us for school projects all the time :P).

Jonas Brothers Album

I had a photo of it. It was actually an accident that I accidentally let it slipped just half an hour I bought the CD. And the result is a one and a half inches of crack which is right across Kevin Jonas's body. Well, it's the cover, nothing happened to the picture. Since it was originally in that cover, I didn't plan on changing a new one for it. I just wish to let it be a mark in memory. Maybe next time I will be careful... I am just so excited to own this CD Album...

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