Saturday, June 07, 2008

Up, Up, Up the Hill!!!

It's so sad!!! The price for petrol, utilities had increased so much these days. Here, I am going to live a very weird life. I am living in darkness because I need to save the electricity which increased x%. Then I dare not go out of my house because that will waste too much petrol. Then I have to reduce my time on computers. Then I have to cope with global warming without using air-conditioner. My room is in total darkness now. And we dare not use the fan so often too... Then when I am using water, I use every drop of it, and reduce my time using the toilet... that's a total suffer!!! What kind of life is that? Telephone bill is some sort of crazy too. We don't use it simply. Even cellphones, we have to save the money... not using it until there are no other way... It's really a hot, dark life with no place to go and closed from other world. What's more is that I have to save for my further study... It's too TERRIBLE!!!

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housefly said...

inflation=(ur a good daughter to have making changes in ur daily life