Monday, July 21, 2008


I would like to acknowledge my appreciation towards the following persons:

Wen Qing (Green3birdy)

Some of the nice photos in this blog are actually photographed by her. I would like to thank for her dedications and willingness in letting me to grab the photo. She's one of the KE VII Kingdom mates of mine. She love photography so much that you can see her around with cameras all day long. And she is definitely a good photographer as well. Going to be in Faculty of Science, she is staying Block C this sem!

18-07-08_1749 22-07-08_0003 Photobucket

Jacky (KuchingKid)

He's one of the Atap Chi Group members and he's from Kent Ridge Hall. He's also one who likes to take photographs. Thanks to his photos, I get to furnish up my blog much!


And of course:



Seriously, thank you guys for those nice pictures, including some other contributors too!

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scarfman said...

nice blog !!!!!
keep going !!!
takecare !