Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Admin Stuff: Cards

One thing I would like to ask about Singaporean are: How many cards do you actually bring when you are going out to somewhere. After our medical check up, it's too late for us to open an account in bank unless we are the boss in there. Hence, we skipped the bank stuff and went to buy some cards which were believed (and now I believe with reluctance) to be used frequently. From the school, we went out with a bus trip cost one dollar for me, since I was short of shillings. I forgot what's the number of the bus, damn!

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Picture: (left) one of the road in NUS and (right) outside view of PGPR

Along the way when we journeyed, we could see the buildings and the roads. There's some different signs of road here especially the zigzagging lines on the road. After some asking, it is said to mean 'Strictly No Parking'. I think we really need this over in Penang, haha! And some words called 'X-ing' which I am still doubting the meaning. We can see the PGPR from outside. We also passed some kind of building which I had no idea what they were - maybe some companies? Oh, yes, I could see the Science Park too!

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Picture: (left) The Alpha, (right) Science Park and (below) NUS Medical School having their 100th year celebration

We actually took the NUS internal shuttle bus until a bus station and took and took public bus to outside.


Picture: the station connecting NUS and outside?

Okay, here it goes. We stopped at a bus stop at Clementi, though Geography-dummy here doesn't know where on Earth is this place. We walked a lot until reaching a kiosk not larger than 3 metres square. We bought the EZ-link card by using $15. EZ-link card was used mainly for boarding buses, MRTs but not cabs, thank you. Later, we went to the market to buy our SIM card and it's from Singtel. I can't tell if it's good since I am new here as well. And now I have to memorize a series of 8 numbered digits, urghhh: 8265 4286 (strictly no spamming in midnight please). Later, we headed back to NUS. On the way, what we could see were buildings. I really miss those green green grassland and meadows back home. Most of the buildings here were apartments and I really don't want to think how pity is that, although I understand the land price here. One thing I like about here is that it's cleaner. Not that they are 100% litter-free, but is really cleaner than back at Malaysia. And many people use the public transport. I would like to give thumbs up for those bus drivers for being fast and frequent to reach each station.

So, this is the main thing that happened that day...

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