Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Admin Stuff: Medical Check Up

So, after I chucked my stuff into the room, we were to gather at the PGPR foyer by 12 so that helpers can guide us to the UHWC (University Health, Wellness & Counselling Centre) at Yusof Ishak House. I missed the first bus, so I was lagged behind by a bus and when I reach UHWC, it was lunchtime for the personnel. So I was forced to wait in places such as the canteen there, some nice room with pool tables and even staircases.

Finally the door was opened and all of us raced in, well, in low speed. The registration kiosk is nice though with not enough space for filling forms.


Picture: the UHWC so-called registration kiosk

When my turn came, tests were started. First, we had eye test. I am sure there's no problem with that. Then, I was sent for blood test, which required a syringe of blood (syringe? just the volume of a syringe... don't know what's that called). Then, things started to go bad when the nurse can't find the veins on my arms. They beat it several times but failed to find the clear ones. In the end, she had to use one found near my left thumb. I closed my eyes and peeped towards the other side of the room to avoid looking at it. And it hurts, yes, because I admit nervous system over my arms are sensitive. However, time went by but she was not done with it!!! Ah!!! Then finally she pulled the needle out and pressed the wound with cotton and told me that the blood was not enough. I looked into the syringe to find it filled not more than a quarter of the whole length.

My heart sank lower and lower until it was just on my feet after hearing that because that means something bad. She beat the other hands to find the other vein and found one on the back of my right palm. Then I had a second go. This time, it was faster and when I looked into the bottle, the blood was enough, thank God! However, I don't understand id this is because I had needles poking in those different parts, there were still bruises on it today. Oh yeah, forgot to say me and Dad had lunch in PGPR new canteen - I ate Char Siew Fan.

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