Thursday, July 17, 2008

Admin Stuff: TFL and Bank Account

Before Harry Potter went to Hogwarts, the first place he had to go was to get himself some money for his school stuff, so today, we have some $$ business. Thanks to MSL again, we were guided again.


Picture: one random for the MSL

Receiving the privileges of having my EZ-link card, I don't have to dig deep in my pockets, turning all them out or turn my wallet upside down for small bucks. Using that card, tapping it on the scanner things allowed me to board a bus easily (of course, there must be credits in there or it's just the same). And then, we headed to a mall call Vivo City (don't ask me where is it, I told you I am not a Geography person). We went there early to grab our chance to open bank account. I heard they had some kind of quota in Singapore about opening a bank account, but I'm not sure with that (I will tell ya when I had make sure of it, k?).

And this is what happened when you go somewhere situated in a mall and forgot that it IS in the mall. The offices only will start their service at 11 am!!! Well, except DBS. Since there were some other people in DBS earlier, so we got to wait till they start their business. We had our breakfast at the food court, where I got to chew some kind of Char Siew Pao. When the time comes, we walked along the corridors and looked at those shops and that's what we called window shopping...:P... Later we reached POSB but unluckily our number really is something to big for their office. In the end, some of us were sent to DBS. I am one of them. So, in the end, I made my DBS Bank Account with some extra saving plan, which I thought of trying first. And we had submitted our TFL form to OCBC as well. And that's what we did, completing the admin stuff so quickly...haha

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