Friday, July 18, 2008

China Town Tour

China Town is not Chi Chiong Gai. Because Chi Chiong Gai is a street, but China Town is a small town.


There, you can see typical Chinese food and mixture of other culture. Besides, I got to see the old hawker stall which had filled my life back in Penang. The buildings there were just like Penang's only that theirs were painted new but Penang maintained their old style and looked more historical.

Besides, there is also a temple which was a few stories high and with lifts. We had a look inside the air-conditioned temple and found it a bit too like being pampered with gold. This is not the temple people used to see. It's more like a museum than a temple.


We could see also this man showing off his skill in writing Chinese calligraphy with mouth and also other positions.


We tried Singaporean ice cream which is physically different from Malaysia but chemically same. The difference is that instead of cones, they had two pieces of biscuit with the ice cream between. It reminds me of the new ice cream produced recently in Malaysia...

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When we had our dinner at the food court, I knew one new person, Alex... who loved himself too much (dunno what's that in English). He really enjoyed having photos of himself.


Picture: (left) Alex and (right) the centre

Later, we had our dessert at the road. I ordered Tang Yuen with different fillings which was cooked with peanut soup.

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EA Cheng said...

"who loved himself too much (dunno what's that in English)"

Erm, narcissist? -.-" Please don't let Alex read this >< :P

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Wo, I shall visit Singapore. Wait I get my own passport first~