Monday, July 21, 2008

My Room in the Kingdom

After telling all those stories of rushing here and there, I should talk about the place which gave me strength to continue my journey every moment: My Hostel Room. My room is in the Kingdom - King Edward's VII Hall. And this is the only kingdom where we stay in blocks...hehe! Mine is in Block G, third floor ninth room. So it's like G 309. And the first thing I went there is panting, because it is really a very long journey to reach there, including those cruel staircases. Unlike Hogwarts, the stairs didn't fly, it's us who will be climbing. And when we had a transponder as a key to our room. When I opened my room, I was like, my God, is that a room? Because it's smaller than my room - though still acceptable as a room. Then I actually unpacked my luggage at the second night. And I found out the room was more than enough for the things I had brought here. The wardrobe(shelves), I only use one out of the two and even with that, I haven't fill that fully.  The six box shelves, I filled only half of it loosely with some stuff. The table looked empty with only some papers. And the bed is quite good to sleep. Though, Singapore is really hot, until I didn't use blanket at night unless raining. So, with the fact that I haven't bought my pillow, I used my blanket as a pillow every night.

We had places to dry our clothes and that's also more than enough. We have a small small small fan on top too. Then, something special when I visited the bathroom. It has three bathrooms and two toilets. Bathrooms are of course showers but with heaters! I remembered when we laughed at someone who asked if local university have any heaters because that's a definitely no. And at the other end, we had our kitchen, complete with mop, broom, refrigerator, water (hot and cold), electrical wok, table, basins, detergent... It's good to have such a place because sometimes we can just walk there for some food ourselves.

Then I visited our dining hall. It's just like Hogwarts Great Hall with rows of long table and a set of High table in front (well, the table is individually in front and is wooden with really high chairs). At the side was a counter for use to take our meals. Besides, we have another Hall, probably for activities. However, my tour around the Hall hasn't end yet. So, do tune in for more!!!

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Picture: (top left) bed, (top right) the shelf and a board for small notes and also (below) the table for stuff

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