Thursday, July 17, 2008


If you want to ask which exam I really spent no time in preparation, that will be QET (Qualifying English Test). When MSL had some kind of briefing on the test a day before the day, I was like what's in the test? Then I didn't actually done the whole paper unless the first section where I found the original passage on the net and started to be inspired by the web site. Then, the other sections are only scanned in seconds only.

That very morning, those who are taking QET in KE VII gathered at out foyer before heading to the MPSH-1 (Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 1). There we met, *sorry if I spelled your name wrongly and do contact me for that too* Elaine, Wen Qing and many others. *Urghh, my memory is now playing hide and seek*. Okay, we reached there quite early so we have some chat before waiting for them to put out the list for seats. There we met three King Edward the Seventh hallmates from Indonesia and Vietnam. And later there was someone pulling out the board indicating our seats. We checked the seats and started to pour into the hall.

DSC01090 DSC01092 DSC01094 DSC01095

Picture: (top left) people checking their seat numbers, (top right) Students in their seats preparing for the test, (below left) the emptied Test Hall and (below right) the Hall

So I found my place and started my really lack-of-preparation test. So this is the result when you didn't pay attention to something. You ended up doing what you think is correct and write whatever that comes into your mind. It's really feeling bad when you find yourself paying too few for the test...

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