Friday, July 18, 2008

Rough Campus Tour Part 1

After QET, everyone seemed to have nothing else to worry about so MSL decided for a campus tour. However, since the time is limited, we had a rough tour just to point out those buildings and a 'short' walk around the campus. Since Singapore is a small country, logically, NUS is also a very small university. Literally, it will be easier to travel around the campus; but technically, it's quite tiring because of the geographical structure of having those buildings on lands that are going up and down and also architecture that are really designed to train students' and staff's physical potential. So we had our tour around, and I lost count of the sequences, so I will start to introduce them in a random manner.

17-07-08_2249 This is PGPR (Prince George's Park Residence) at night. Just walk down from KE VII Hall to the bus station, you will see it. Yes, we had a station which turned out to be a station where most bus will stop at night. So, if I am to take bus to school, I will see this very very often. The road lamps are bright enough over here and you can actually see some yellow box on the road for fire engines when there is a fire.


Golden Rule

  And this is the ceiling of most of the buildings in NUS. It's yellow in colour, originally, but some are too old until you might mistook it as light brown or beach. This is what MSL seniors told us: Whenever you get lost in NUS, just follow the Golden Rule in NUS - Follow the yellow ceiling and you will reach anywhere you wish to go. I don't know whether it's true, but I didn't see yellow ceilings in washroom. But these ceilings are really like at anywhere.


Picture: Another design for the yellow ceiling


Picture: I forgot where is this place, but this is for Real Estate Studies

Faculty of Engineering

One of the building is for Faculty of Engineering. It's a nice and new building and some air-conditioner there. I got some view into one for Hidraulik Engineering and I was awed by the pools and water in there, wish I could see more...

18-07-08_1409 DSC0112518-07-08_1407 DSC01098DSC01097  

Picture: (from top) the upper roof of the open area in Faculty of Engineering, the faculty's Dean's Office, one of the building in the faculty and the view from far

DSC01109 DSC01111 DSC01110

*click to enlarge*

And there is The Pavilion in Faculty of Engineering. Seniors recommended Chicken Pie in here...


The Lift

And we had some lifts in there which we took some photo as well:

18-07-08_1406DSC01121 DSC01122 DSC01123

Central Forum

DSC01101 DSC01102

It is under Central Library


From up of the Faculty of Engineering, you can see Pasir Panjang which was no more a beach but port.



Outside Faculty of Engineering:


And this is the Central Library, the library with nothing special from the outside, but they say there were many things in there...


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