Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rough Campus Tour Part 2

Another place we had visit is the University Hall, which really looked like a really nice place and it had been said, the cost of the building is also as 'nice' as the building. There is a kind of plate there stating the 100th Year Anniversary...


Before entering the entrance, we could see the small ponds with fish and some nice wood crafts. And there is also an artificial waterfall (which is actually wall-fall?)

18-07-08_152418-07-08_1526 18-07-08_1525  DSC01156

Picture: (top left) fishes in the pond, (top right) the wall-fall?, (below left) the crafts and (below right) more of them.


And there was a spiral staircase up... We had a quick picture there... Then we entered the Hall. We could see portraits of scholars here...



Then, we had a look around, taking photos from different source.

        DSC01167 DSC0116618-07-08_1533 DSC01165     DSC01159 DSC01157 

Picture: it is designed to contain so many brainees

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