Friday, July 18, 2008

Rough Campus Tour Part 3

Within the tour, we could see boxes like these, everywhere:


Do you know what is it? It is some kind of facility for students to save themselves or their friends or even someone who happened to be there. And what kind of live saving is this? It is for heart attack. When you, your friend or someone else had an heart attack, we are supposed to use these boxes. Some, we have to break the glass for key, some don't need. After that, just follow the instruction there to continue... Well, I wondered if someone can save himself by still reading the instruction when he or she is getting a heart attack...

Since we happened to pass through Business School, we had a visit into their library. The staff there were so kind to let us in without using matriculation card. And in there, we can have a look of library in Business School which contains books, journals and also accounts and records...


Picture: (top left) The name of Business School library and insight of the library


We actually saw this is what students look at in that library... I had no idea what was that...

And we can see this kind of machines here in library. They are photocopy machines. Usually it accept cashcards only but there are some which accept NETS. Photocopy here is self-service - nothing like before, where I can just put the stuff on the counter and wait.


There is this plate at the opposite of their library. And we reckon it was like a bakery shop plate. Somehow, bakery is some sort of business too, right? And the room beside was the unfortunately Career Centre for Business student only.


And this is the ThinkLab where I think is near the other faculty. There are computers in there.


Canteen in one of the faculty:


The field:


One of the faculty:


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