Friday, July 18, 2008

Sentosa Trip and some Xtras

On 19th of July 2008, we were in quite good mood and the holiday mood is starting to invade our mind. This is caused by the final freedom that was given signified by the end of QET on the previous day and also the trip after that. So, we were guided to Sentosa for some rest - or fun? We went there in the morning and had lunch on the green patches near beach. The lunch only cost each of us $2 because we bought it from Giant in Vivo city and it's under the budget, plus, we were all satisfied and still with some left overs...


Picture: Having lunch on greens?

We took buses from a terminal after the public bus and reached there...


From here, we can say that their beaches do have trees. I didn't know any other beaches in Singapore. But these trees are definitely real, though not sure if it is naturally there or artificially planted. Don't complain, I can see how Pantai Bersih is decreasing its area as well.


On the beaches, there were outlets for food and drinks. Once again, students like me prefer Munch model (when you have to munch your own food for energy)...


After lunch, we had station games in a jungle trekking track in Sentosa. we get some water in us but it is definitely good for a hot weather. I can still remember how we requested more water while in school... but here, they just run away from water, quite a difference.

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Later we walked to imbiah lookout for luge. It's quite fun to play luge, but the distance are too short for an excitement like that. Imagine I can bang others out of the way (well, I didn't). And that also includes a ride on a hanging bench? Yes, what did that called? because it really looked like the iron-made benches, hanging on cables... Cable Benches?

 19-07-08_155119-07-08_155419-07-08_160919-07-08_1553   19-07-08_1608n590130718_1172852_891119-07-08_164819-07-08_165019-07-08_165619-07-08_165119-07-08_165519-07-08_1652n590130718_1172849_796619-07-08_165419-07-08_165319-07-08_1649

You can see people going for this also, but I didn't:


Later, we board the Sentosa monorail to the beach. We had games there as well...




Later, it was raining heavily and we had our shower and ate our Subway dinner (it's my first time eating Subway, to note. I never step into Subway before - well, unless you count step in, have a look and turn for other outlets) on the floor.

n590130718_1172886_1338 n590130718_1172888_2185     

We later had the chance to watch the really brief Sound of the Sea after some delay due to bad weather (it's actually good to rain in Singapore... but it's just not good to rain when you are outing on the beaches). That Sound of The Sea is a short movie which is played like drama on the spot with laser figures and some houses in the sea...

  19-07-08_2042 19-07-08_204719-07-08_2048  19-07-08_2051 19-07-08_2057 19-07-08_2058 19-07-08_2059 19-07-08_210019-07-08_2101 19-07-08_2102 19-07-08_2103 19-07-08_2104 19-07-08_2105 19-07-08_2106 19-07-08_2107 19-07-08_2108 19-07-08_2109 19-07-08_2110 19-07-08_2111



Here are some photos taken by friends and is quite exclusive if you would like to know more about what happened:


We had a picture before QET... Ermm... Green3birdy, is it A or ...?


Oh, this is when we had breakfast together, for KE VII MSLs...


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