Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Way To NUS

This is a memory of what had happened when I went to Singapore to enter my university, NUS (National University of Singapore). My family and I reached the jetty bus stop quite early, since the bus will be reaching around 8. However, it seemed that I was the one with two big bags, quite embarrassing and heavy to take those luggage along the journey. So we boarded the bus when it came and initiated the long, tiring and really fresh journey. The most thing I have to jot down in my life diary is that I had drank too much within the first two hours, until I have to test my determination during that two hours until we asked the bus to stop at one of those Hentian. Quite unenviable, but that's truth, no comment for that - my fault. The trip was very long and after that short interesting mini-event, Dad and me are really getting sleepy. Sleep time has came and I slept for quite sometimes, interrupted by some bumpers... However, we had around ten hours before reaching Johor, where we were stuck in traffic jam for two hours just to cross a very very short bridge. My feet were numb for that travel and it was really not something happy for a long walk.

On the way to Singapore, we actually passed a city call Puduraya and I saw nice mosque and buildings.


The following is that we passed the custom of Malaysia and headed to Singapore. The bridge is really short and some people just walk pass. the traffic jam there were as bad as back in custom, see.

16-07-08_0842 16-07-08_0844

Picture: (left)the bridge and (right)the Woodland Checkpoint


Picture: (left) people walking across the bridge and (right) the traffic jam

Then, we reached Singapore by stopping the Woodland Checkpoint. We queued up before knowing we forgot to fill in the white form before going in. So later, people actually watched as we write the form on our trunks. The Woodland Checkpoint is a place with a very heavy smell of offices. Then, when we passed through, we were welcomed by MSL helpers (Malaysian Student League Helpers). They were waiting there earlier for Malaysians coming forth to NUS. We followed them to the NUS bus where some of them had helped me with the heavy old-fashion travel bag, which was some difficulty to drag it along.


Picture: road in NUS

So, the bus fetched us straight from the checkpoint to NUS, PGPR (Prince George's Park Residence) entrance which was just in front of KE VII Hall (King Edward VII Hall - my hall!!!) We gathered in front of PGPR for sometime before we headed for our check in.

DSC01168 n590130718_1142356_3523

Picture: (left) PGPR entrance and (right) the PGPR welcome banner

Then, it's the beginning of some nightmare... I was then guided to check in my hall which was KE VII Hall, including all those stupid staircases. I don't know who designed it, but that was really not a good design, at least, not good for people like students because the staircases were overly built and I have to make a big turn even though the journey can be made by a straight trip. When I check in, my buddy was still busy, Gwendolyn. So some other seniors helped me as well, to know the new room of mine. So, after checking in, I knew this was my address, just write to this address if you would like to contact me (just in case):

Room No 309 Block G King Edward VII Hall

1A Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119224.

 n590130718_1139348_7328 n590130718_1139350_8129

Picture: (left) the KE VII Hall emblem and (right) road sign about KE VII Hall

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