Monday, August 11, 2008

Bugis, Suntec, Marina and Merlion

So there's one day we went to Bugis then to Suntec... not sure about the road. I remember they say there was a star coming, named Lin (not sure how to pronounce... but it roughly is like in the rain). There we could see crowd photographing that person.

20-07-08_1444 20-07-08_1443

And we went to Suntec where we could see the sale from every shop. It was the last day of the sale and it was as usual that the mall was filled with crowd. I saw a Converse shop which sell converse shoes... Ahh, wish I can buy it... And we passed through many shops, mostly with us window shopping...

20-07-08_1703 20-07-08_1707

And we spotted this teddy bear shop. It was a shop selling teddies and also let the customer to make their own teddy, dress them and all. Really, I like the traditional Teddy.

20-07-08_1731 20-07-08_1732 20-07-08_1733 20-07-08_1734

And I saw these horses which was there for children. I remembered we had bears, koalas back in Malaysia, but here, it's horse... or pony? When the kids ride on it, they really have to pull the handle to make it move...


And we can see HERO, some kind of campaign asking which profession was your hero. Sadly, I can't find Scientist in the main list... What are kids learning nowadays?!


Later, we went to watch the Fountain of Wealth. It's said to be Feng Shui - oriented and I can see it by the water coming in and further described by seniors about the palm stuff...

20-07-08_1814 20-07-08_1815 20-07-08_1816

At night, there will be laser show on the fountain as well...


The Durian which looked like Cempedak at the moment, is actually the esplanade.

20-07-08_2045 20-07-08_2057 20-07-08_2101 20-07-08_2111

At night, we went to watch the Merlion. It really signifies my existence in Singapore...

 20-07-08_2114 20-07-08_2116 20-07-08_2119 20-07-08_2128 20-07-08_2131 20-07-08_2132 20-07-08_2133 20-07-08_2134 20-07-08_2137 20-07-08_2146 

Unluckily, I can't capture nice photo with the phone and also I can't capture it from front view unless I get myself in the water...

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