Friday, August 22, 2008

Clementi Adventure & Chung Ling AGM

Right after Night Cycling, I went back to room for one hour sleep, then I prepared and head off to Clementi with Wendy and Wen Qing. We are from Decor Department of Malaysian Night 2008. So, we need to buy some stuff...

So we set off and went to a place where we weren't sure we know the way... We spent much time walking around and also asking strangers about shops selling paint, cloth, tools and so on... The weather is still wet and sometimes, we just need to get wet to go over to other avenue. We walked pass so many buildings and reached each small shops for the chores.

23-08-08_1625 23-08-08_1644

Well, Wen Qing took photos of the location of the shophouses, I didn't... And later, I rushed back to Uni to join another group - Chung Ling student in NUS. We will be heading to a hotel in Chinese Garden where the AGM will be held. We got food and I got my shirt for Singapore Chung Ling Student Society.

24-08-08_0048 23-08-08_2053

What a busy day! Photos!

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