Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GWI: Twilight Mystery

Ahh... finally got some time to cover back what had happened during orientation. This is what happened after we came back from food hunt. As we had dinner, we noticed these:

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So things happened before we had dinner? Or before Zhuangli play the piano?

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Later, the KEWOCs showed us video and to tell us what had happened roughly. Prince Georges was murdered! So, the game began. I put GWI instead of CSI because there was no much of Crime Scene Investigation, but Guess Work Investigation. All we do was went to each suspect to investigate, interview and notice things. And here is Granny who had the face of Granny... She was baking muffins as we went there... And also Queen Victoria who turned out to be a charming lady...

n590130718_1237795_1731 n590130718_1237796_2293

And there was Servant Batta who suits his character very very much.


The Chef who actually didn't qualified himself as a royal chef.

n590130718_1237798_3131 n590130718_1237799_3512

The King Edward VII who was Prince Georges' father. Hmm... The story made King Edward VII not a bright name...

n590130718_1237800_3907 n590130718_1237801_4282

And there was also two other servants whom obviously were two overexcited KEWOCs who wish to be involved in the palace game but had definitely nothing to do with the guesswork. Besides, we also have a Mistress who loves to watch Korean drama and have laptops in her room with one of them was Neopets game; and the fact was, the character exists in 1857! What a high-tech Mistress... And below is where the body was...


At the end, the true murderer was the muffin-baker: Granny.

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