Wednesday, August 20, 2008

IBG Ended

Yesterday night is the last day of IBG (Inter-Block Games) for King Edward VII Hall. Among the blocks are AB, CD, E, F and GH. I am from GH block. IBG is a very interesting tournament where you got to learn and experience many kinds of games in a few days. The games started at around 7 everyday night and it is worth participating the games with some modifications. What modifications?! Oh, since we might have not enough players, or not enough time, or not enough place to play a game, the game was somehow changed into something else. For example, floorball was played in the Comm Hall with no boundaries, Handball was played when players only can defend by raising hands (no other actions...), volleyball was won by scoring 11 points even when the score before is 10-10, soccer was played in a very mini platform and so on...

Every block was playing hard in the game and automatically, there were some injuries among the players. It was exciting to see them cheer for their blocks as the games go on. And yesterday is the closing ceremony, where tug-of-war was cancelled. GH won quite a number of games and continued to be the Champion as last year. Other blocks also won some games and it ended up as this. It was quite a relief to see the blockers who knew none other than each other names before had now evolved into neighbours with tight bonding. I mean, this is the aim of the IBG!

Check Out the Photos Here!!!

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