Monday, August 04, 2008

National Library

Don't ask me to compare between the two national libraries of Malaysia and Singapore, because I need more time to understand the difference. That day, we were brought to National Library of Singapore. We had a walk there, which is again, tiring. From outside, it looks like a common building, but it contains so much knowledge inside. The building is mainly with glass windows, so from the outside, I can see people reading on the second floor. We even had a trip in its lift which is made of glass.

20-07-08_1550 20-07-08_1602 20-07-08_1603 20-07-08_1605

From the lift, I can see the lights above and buildings outside.

20-07-08_1606 20-07-08_1607 20-07-08_1608 20-07-08_1609

Whether I will come here often, that's still an unknown. NUS Library is quite good to explore and I think even with all those years in NUS, I might not even finish all the books in it...

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