Sunday, August 03, 2008

Night Thirst Quencher?

Whether if it really can be a place for thirst quencher, I have no idea and comment because it's only a common stall in a row of shop houses which sell food too. Well, that's where we go when the clock is ticking over 2.00am so that we can gather and have some chat (people really likes talking unusually). Fong Seng - is where we were recommended to fill up the gap of time in midnight so that we can pass the quiet night peacefully - or speechfully? Okay, this is the first time we went Fong Sheng days before... And they got teh tarik and other beverages with roti prata - which we called Roti Canai back in Malaysia.

22-07-08_0009  22-07-08_0002 22-07-08_0003 22-07-08_0008

Don't bother too much about WQ... she keeps stands out and I just have to flick my cell phone and that's it, the photo is in...

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