Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ragging is NOT allowed on RAG DAY

Whew, it's embarrassing to report something that had passed so long. It's our Rag Day. Ragging is not allowed in NUS, but we have a day call Rag Day. Why? Because on Rag Day, we go Floating, not Ragging. It's not easy to do a float. It's a float that doesn't floats and certainly not the beverage we order in a shop. It's something like a decorated car. We can see all the hard works as the Floaters went on working on it...

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And since we are Fresh Keviians, we won't want to miss the opportunity to experience some good things, such as - floating! When the props were not ready, it already look very nice. Each scrap of them were made by recycled items and also sweats of the Floaters. We got the shield, horse helmet, candle stick, castle, joker and more.

02-08-08_1733 03-08-08_1340  06-08-08_1833  03-08-08_1500

As helpers, we have some session to join which we could try the props under the sun. Basically, we helped to push the props in and out of the venue. And there was time limit for them. I was assigned to push the horse helmet with Wendy, cool eh?


However, it's not easy for everyone and we truly know how tired the Floaters must be, which their tiredness will be far more greater. Some of us took small nap during rest, saving energy for another run... I was also assigned to control the Sun Ray Mechanism with Wen Qing...

IMG_5573 IMG_5583

The it came the the day before where we kept ourselves busy, helping to make sure everything went on smoothly. We move our props up to trucks and it was sent to SRC for the Day. A group of people were sent there to stay overnight to CARE our props as well... It's really busy. We prepared some cloth, wrapped the props and etc.

So the day came as we woke up early and was sent there in a truck...

IMG_5590 IMG_5596

It's really 'cool' to be on a truck in a morning like that...

And so we reached the SRC to find quite some tired people where they slept on the ground and also our float there. Floats from other Halls and Facs were there too. As a Keviians, we wear RED.

08-08-08_0719 08-08-08_0720

It's early!



Then the static part started afterwards where our models - King, Queen, Prince, Jokers and the Boy went in to join as part of the static. The judge came and took their time to judge us...

 08-08-08_1000 08-08-08_1001 08-08-08_1002 08-08-08_1003 

*Then later is our real performance which I will skip and put it in another post*

After the floating, we had our rest and took photos, of course. Tourist like us like to take photos! Besides, later we went to the stands to cheer for KEVII as well. We really thank those Cheer-ers of KEVII as we went for the performance!

IMG_5665 IMG_5979IMG_5905 IMG_5906 IMG_5926 IMG_5961  IMG_5664  08-08-08_1611


Z Bang said...

Nice post! It reminds me of those " tough old days "... But it's a sweet memory now.

And i get to see my shield below the moonlight. Wow!

Wanna join float next year, mafer? =)

Mafer said...

Hmm... whether join or not, is not just the matter whether I say i wanna join or not. And seriously, the workload Floaters had gone through is not only a week of sleepless night but months.

all the three comm seems so fun, quite difficult to choose, especially when it seems to be long long way to go...hehe