Tuesday, September 02, 2008


After all these years being a runner, and I didn't join the Games Steward, now I finally grabbed the chance to experience as a road Marshall. I signed up for RUN NUS Volunteer and set out on that they with my friend, py. We walked there early in the morning and got our assigned job...

This is where we stationed. It is a pedestrian pathway between two main road and we are supposed to ensure the traffic was safe for the runners.

 17-08-08_0820 17-08-08_0821

The place were surrounded with some trees, which include a tall tall tree with ants all over, and a nicely curved tree with so many branches and we had the opportunity to watch Mr and Mrs Squirrels running bouncing up and down of the tree.


The job is easy yet tiring. Because, we have to stand there whole day to ensure the traffic is OKAY, but then, runners don't always come in bunch. Some of them scattered along and we have to wait... This had increased the boredom. However, the job can be very exciting too. You got a certain responsibility and you can see many things that you won't see when you were runners...

17-08-08_0917 17-08-08_0801  DSC00030

So, this is it. We wore the vest and finished our job, ended up with wet shirt because of rain...

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