Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Having Tea

One thing that is better at home is that you get to have proper tea. Tea is not just a few lump of biscuits and 3 in 1 coffee pack that we had in hall, and sometimes, I don’t have tea when I am too lazy to get food. Now, I got to go for teahouse with family to have tea. These following photos were taken on Christmas eve and it fits as we went to Winter Warmers, suitable for Christmas eh? Yea, I had ice-cream waffle and Jasmin milk tea for that time. Throughout I ate quite a lot, including the Chicken Toasted Sandwich, teas, juices and etc.

Aih, since I took the photos, let me show you the teahouse la… It was actually just a normal food shop with some tea sets and decorations.


These were some of the food. Mummy loved scones so much (no idea why…) and we have cakes, cookies, sandwiches, toasted one as well, tea, lattes and etc.


Well, and as usual, I was stalked by Pleasure, who just love to take photos of my greedy face, sigh… show it here anyway…

I did walked around Sunway Carnival and find this little decoration of Xmas.


More photos.

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