Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Eve 2008

For New Year Eve, our family celebrated part of the Eve with Pleasure’s friend, LS (dunno how to spell). At first we went for dinner ourselves in Hongkie, where we had nice foods, especially the rice in bamboo basket and the La Za Mee. After that we walked to the countdown venue to see if anything started but there was USM live band performing. They might be some freshie since their skilss are not that good yet, and vocals also quite off tuned. We then looked around to find this mini cooper showcase where there were several mini cooper displayed. I go around but the Mr Bean Mini Cooper was yet to be find… And there were some street dancers as well.


After that we felt the boringness for waiting for the count down, so we decided to have some dessert in Swensen’s. Ahh… I finally got to taste my Macadamia Nuts which I loved the nutty taste so much! After that we entered the Live Zone and watched the performances until the next year! There were dances by adults and children, songs and more… However, most of the audience were there for this person named Ron Ng. I have no idea about anything more about this person but I saw him on the TV before and he is a HK artist, correct me if I am wrong… So this is the person they were waiting… He sang some songs before and after the countdown… The photos are a bit small but that was the maximum of my camera zooming ability, sorry!

And there is these three dancers who dance quite well and I gave them thumbs up for that. And this is also what I see when I look behind… That explains why I feel hot that time… Lucky I am not so in the crowd…

There is also a band which can sings well and it’s enjoying to listen…


And of course, finally, it was time to countdown to 2009. some YBs were there to launch the countdown while we count down the digits. Yes, and there is this fireworks I waited for so long. But then, it was fewer this time… I did took photos of the bubbles released as well…

More photos.

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