Monday, January 12, 2009

Bidding Ends and School Starts

So, after one week of bidding, I got outbid once, worried for like hours but nothing can be done. I came up with some backup plans in case got outbid, but then I was so lucky that that module was opened to New Students again after skipping one round. So, now, these are the modules I was pre-allocated: LSM 1101 Biochemistry of Biomolecules, LSM 1102 Molecular Genetics, ES 1301 English for Academic Purposes (good for my bad bad English) and LAF2201 French 2. After being outbid, I then successfully bid LSM 1202 Human Anatomy in the round 2A. Then, subsequently successfully getting an looked interesting module named GEK 1022 Geopolitics: Geographies of War and Peace. Yes yes, I never dream that I will ever take up any History or Geography in my life but it seemed that I can’t escape but to face it. So far, don’t know any classmates in the modules except LSM 1101, 1102 and LAF2201. No matter, I am sure someone as anti-social as me has no problem with it at all.

Now, school started and I attended the first briefing for my French 2. There were two ex-classmates in the class and a bunch of others. Obviously, the class of French 1 decreased in size until now it is quite small and it is so difficult to hide myself among the class… sigh. My lecturer, is still a SHE, but it is another person! Cross my fingers and hope for the best… Tutorial Registration comes and not long from now, my timetable will be as squeezed as a tin of sardine…

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