Friday, January 30, 2009

Electronics Crisis

One interesting thing that happened when I went back for Chinese New Year, was an incredible series of electronics crisis. First was the technical problem of my mobile phone, which then is the card. The incident paused at the moment since it was helped by some Dummies of ‘helpful’ people. That was another story. Then, what happened next was my laptop. I carried my notes and stuff all the way from Singapore to Malaysia so that I can utilize my spare time in preparing my lab report and doing all those stuff I should do before Chinese New Year ends. Pitiful that this doesn’t sound anything like Chinese New Year to me, but that’s the S way, no comment. Unluckily, my laptop had a little tantrum and ended up glowing like mad. It keeps on jumping back to blue screen of dumping physical memory and only can be run on Safe Mode. Imagine what was my reaction when I realize I have to celebrate my Chinese New Year without laptop. Nervous? Angry? Disappointed? Sad?

Well, that was a mixed feeling. I definitely felt sad because that was the highest value asset I had ever had in my life (this of course didn’t my precious family and etc, what I mean is non-living stuff). But then, this was the only way where I was forced to celebrate Chinese New Year fully. On the first day of Chinese New Year, I showed my laptop to my cousin and he actually asked his 12 year old son, Wen Jie (Seow) to fix it for me. Yes, he checked the system, memory and in the end helped me to reformat the whole system. By that day, I could use my laptop as usual but without various programme I had before. For that, I have to wait until Chinese New Year is over…

Hence, that was the electronics crisis I had, attacking my two lovely properties…

*Note: my laptop is back to life now!!!

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