Monday, January 19, 2009

On 18th, 18 is happy for KE7 Softball Team

18th of January, 2009. That was the day where King Edward VII Hall Softball team, Se7ens, had to play three match back to back since 9 in the morning. We went down around 7.30 for warming up. Then the matches started with Sheares. Then, it was Temasek Hall…. and finally, we met Eusoff in the finals. Those halls played quite well and it sort of gave us heart attacks all along the game. In finals, we won with a close score, with only 1 run in difference. However, KE7 won at last. Even with my skills, I was allowed to go in for some small part. Hence, I was quite happy and seriously understood that I need more practices. This is how we play, talented, practice for the best; without, practice to be one! Not everyone was born with talents, we just have to create our unique self. After that, got some pizza as party and Congrats Se7ens! 18….

So, now number 18 is added into my sports life. Let’s see, I started off as 4, then to 10 and finally 1. That’s in other sports. But now I got one new 18 as a member – from softball!

This is the link to Ashish writing about the matches! And these are photos from KE Photos!


DSC-2188 DSC-2085 DSC-2164 DSC-2169 DSC-2177 DSC-2187

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