Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chung Ling CNY ‘Reunion Dinner’

Last Sunday, after a whole morning and evening of IHG soccer on the field, I rushed back to change into Chung Ling shirt. Yes, that time, I am as red as an apple… I got sunburn, thanks to that lovely sun. Sweating like mad, we gathered at PGP and headed to Harbourfront to take MRT to Farrer Park. That was then, the first time I watch how people celebrate Thaipusam in Singapore. I saw them carrying the thing, is it Kadi (forgot d). Yea, it was crowded by believers and some crowd who were just like me – passing by but still wanna watch! Then along the road, we saw lion dance in French restaurant – how weird it is! After a few walks, we reached the place and all of us were stunned.

It was not much but a small and old building with a small plate on it indicating Singapore Chung Ling Alumni. Walking up the ‘ancient’ staircases, I was imagining how bad the condition will be inside the alumni headquarter. But after pressing the doorbell, what welcomed us was not as bad as imagined. It was not a big place, but it is cozy and nicely renovated. The word could be seen on the wall - 钟灵中学(新加坡)校友会.


And we have food like duck, chicken, tomyam bihoon, veges, fish, prawn, pork - seven main course and plus one beverage and one dessert which is Honeydew Sago (something I drank a lot that day, it’s delicious).


And this is what I discovered, there is a main space in the middle, two rooms in front and some space at the back plus another space for washroom. There were microwaves, water cooler, air conditioned and etc… One particular things is the platform behind can only support 12 people. We were amazed by such a note. And this is how we put our shoes. Obviously, we outnumbered the alumni who came here before us…


And one funny thing to find in the alumni HQ is three tables of mahjong. They even had an automatic mahjong table which will arrange the tiles itself. It’s amazing. Yea, and they brought along cards. Besides, there were Karaoke in the HQ. Wonder what alumnis do with it…

 08-02-09_1953 08-02-09_1954

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