Saturday, February 21, 2009

It’s All Inside

Half of the semester was gone and I wondered what should and had I done. Then, suddenly, I realized, it was all inside my nick – or rather, my name – Mafer!

1. Mug – For first you should have the basic knowledge

2. Activities – This will ensures my life shines without mould

3. Fun – This is a recess for my soul

4. Étudier/Eat – Study constantly is a must and Eat constantly is a requirement to supply nutrients to my shell

5. Revise – This is not just about revising texts and modules, but also revising what had I done, because this will help me to build my personality in the future!

So this is what my name gave me, Mafer or it seems Maféer? Yup, c’est tout!


Zhuangli said...

Wow, this is creative, man!


Have a blessed recess week! =)

Mafer said...

Haha, sure!

kheng siang said...

wow,gud name mafer,u representatn of ur name is creative,i agree wit wat u write

Mafer said...

haha, wow, never thought you read my blog... Yea, when I realize it I also feel very correct about my name...:P

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