Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Untrusty in G Block

Sorry if you are staying in G Block and you felt that it is an insult, but this about what had happened and it was a fact not a tale. The whole story is very short, very simple and very fast; but the implication is worst than you will understand. G3 has a kitchenette, equipped with utensils that you can use to cook your food and there is a refrigerator for you to store your precious food. For human like me, I trusted the moral of the Block residence because I believe this is a very simple principle and university student’s student shouldn’t have such a personality as wrecked as that. However, I was totally wrong and I have to pay that with a can of condensed milk and a soulful of disappointment.

I stored one can of condensed milk in the fridge days ago and I labelled it with my name, indicating that the can and whatever inside is mine. Be there full of milk, be there left one droplet of milk, be there mould, be there ants, be there bacterias… that is still MINE! Seriously, I understand CAs are approaching and it is hard to resist hunger as you study all the way from the very start of the day till the very end of the night hour. I am happy to let any of the residence to share some of the food, but at least, please put it back after using it. It was a horror, a shock or – a curse from Avada Kedavra, when I opened the door and realize something supposed to be static inside is not inside at all! SOMEONE TOOK MY THING!

This is not what one should do as a human. Even rodents will know which is theirs, which is not. So, that particular person who did that, you are lower class than my lovely rodents. If you emptied the can, please at least contact me or leave the can there to AT LEAST reduce my miserable of can-searching activity.

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