Saturday, February 14, 2009


Hi everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Having myself physically and mentally in Singapore, I missed Valentine’s back at home. Because, every Valentine’s, Daddy will celebrate the Day with all of us and also, My Mummy! Yea, he will give present and take us out for food and a whole day holiday! That’s why I miss the Day *shed tears*. According to Pleasure, this year, Mummy got present from Daddy again. I saw the photos of the flower, though don’t know why is there so many bouquet lo. Daddy give Mummy flower for how many times?! And they celebrated in Autocity where they had their main course in Nando Chickenland (I want to complain lo. Last time I went back I say I wanna go Nando, but instead I was dragged into Segafredo, Hongkie and Korean… etc… but except Nando lo! Why this time can go one!!!) Allah, then they hang around, with music and a Qing Ren Qiao. Hmm… sound fun. Then of course, dessert was held in Swensen’s lolx. I missed Swensen’s. Last hols went couple of times only. I must list down places to eat next time before going back *wink*.

Anyway, how’s my Valentine’s here? Well, of course, Tom Riddle don’t understand love. So, I spent my Valentine’s with books and air and many many other stuff. I spent some time with my precious BB and also the other two. Anyway, I finally touched back badminton. Since Stephie don’t wanna play volley and she can’t find any basketball. And since Kah Chun and her got extra racquet, we decided to play badminton. Let me see, I didn’t play badminton since… Twelves? Should be, if I exclude the fun fun playing during IBG… Yes, and certainly, I can’t even get used to the racquet when I started. It seemed lighter and shorter and I think my estimation of objects skipped back to 15 years ago when my mother realized I got problem in estimating distance of object, for example a shuttlecock. Well, this haunted me till now since I still have to work hard to estimate fly ball in softball and sometimes in Volley. I am sure I will get used to it. Let math and physics do the work… Anyway, nice playing today and I ended my Valentine’s like that. Yup, not much but is quite a lot…

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