Tuesday, February 03, 2009

When Riddle Came Back – Riddle Starts

The day is hot but yet, it rains. Wind kept blowing and I woke up early. Voldemort went home as Riddle. It’s not all about Harry Potter. I had some bananas for breakfast but instead, lunch and dinner turned out to be porridge. Lucky that bananas from the morning kept me going on all the time. I won’t mind Riddle coming back. After all, Voldemort is just Riddle. But just felt odd when Voldemort came back as Riddle. Is that what Harry wanted? I have no idea. McGonagall is working hard and Hermione is working hard as well. I liked DADA because it is quite fun. However, Transfiguration is a must in my life. Now, I have no idea how to suits in the Voldie-Riddle transformation, but it’s all about Transfiguration. I guess, this is meant to be. Riddles are after all what I am good at. However, Ron is not that important anymore, no matter how important people claimed to be. Living without Ron, is just how Professor Binn’s taught me. I am sure it’s just how it goes… Look out of the balcony, and sun is there. Sunrise will be here soon, I can make sure of that…

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