Monday, March 16, 2009

Cakes ‘n Mall

Instead of attending Dinner and Dance (D&D) for KEVII hall, I had my whole day strolling in two shopping malls, one cake session, one nice and warm lunch and a reunion dinner with my school student association plus alumni. First, it was my friend who suggested about the cake tasting session in Vivo. That’s why we visited Secret Recipe in Singapore. Let’s see how different is Singapore Secret Recipe from Malaysia’s one…

First, let us see what kind of cake did we ordered. Well, since it is a cake tasting session, there is only cakes – no beverages… We had banana chocolate(Stephanie), chocolate indulgence(Wendy), white chocolate macadamia(Gavin), tiramisu(Kah Chun), espresso cheese cake(Zhuangli) and oreo cheese cake(Mafer).

Of course, with cameras around, everyone would like to pose with their precious piece of cake… Some showing off(Zhuangli), some can’t wait to eat(Mafer), some showing happiness(Wendy), Some promoting(Kah Chun), some preciously had her first Secret Recipe(Stephanie) and some who ignored the camera and eat before everyone started :S (GAVIN*sigh*).

After eating and sharing, of course, the plates were clean. In the end I tasted all the cakes ordered and I still prefer Malaysia Secret Recipe as they are fresher and nicer. However, living in sadness in Singapore, although it is not superb, these already gave me enough satisfaction as a cake in a place like Singapore(you can’t expect much when you are an international student in a place call Singapore)… The chocolate banana blends in both the contrasting taste, giving you what you call juicy and thick mixture. The chocolate macadamia is not as creamy as Malaysia’s but here, it gives you the sensation of swimming in a pool of chocolate, consisting white and milk chocolate. In white chocolate macadamia, you will feel white, milk, sweet, comfy and the taste keep rolling in your mouth. Tiramisu has a very thick coffee smell which sticks to your tongue for a very long time, the gateau part squeezed the coffee cream and it is nice. Espresso Cheese Cake is baked from cream cheese which besides the cheese smell, added with the smell of some espresso. The sourness of cheese is easily recognised in it because of the coffee. In my own oreo, the cheese smell is well fluxed with the sweetness of Oreo. Although the oreo is not grinded, which is a waste, the taste mixture is overall okay.

Well, the bill is also stated here. Anyway, our lunch is in Food Republic which I had my lunch which made me full and comfortable. And this is my attempt of taking my own cake:

Food we had…

After that, we shopped in Vivo where I shopped for groceries and others shopped around for flip-flops. Gavin realized he was caught in the Women Shopping Crisis, haha! Well, I am used to that, you can ask my brother how me, him and my Dad actually solve this problem, haha! Poor Gavin…

Later, what happened will be in the next post.


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