Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carnivorous Annie

Whoops! Seems like today have quite a few things happened. Remember Annie, my first pet Ant? Yes, this is something about it. I caught extra three ants this morning with one of them quite different from the rest and is quite beautiful. It is the most active among others and I thought it might be the first who escape my Ant Farm. However, seems like the fate is not as simple as that.

Just minutes ago, after bath, I enter my room and settled down in front of my study to find out that something extra is existed in the container. I looked into it and saw some detriments on the container floor. When I observed carefully, to my horror, they were legs of arthropods! There were several of them chopped in pieces, scattered around and I searched for the ants as I counted. I though it would be one of the others which is smaller and weaker. Who knows, on the other side of the container, there lies that beautiful ant. Death in a Container. There is no immediate evidence that Annie did this but She was actually chewing a leg using mandible when I observe, so I guess she might have done it. Since the other two are sticking themselves together on the top of the container. Guess they are scared or whatever.

For instance, Annie is quite pity because she can’t reach the top of the container because she is too heavy. And at first, she could fly around. But since I put some sugar in the container and water. The two substance somehow mixed and wet its wing. Hence, now, I guess her wings were stuck together and is quite stiff… Don’t know if Annie will finish off the arthropod…

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