Friday, March 20, 2009

The Empty Classroom

Yesterday, I officially denoted my usage of the Empty Classroom. I actually found that classroom weeks ago and started to use it around less than an hour each week before my French tutorial. I kept arriving to that room early to observe since what time does the room is really empty. The time, was longer than I expected. Hence, yesterday, right after human anatomy lab session, I headed towards that Empty Classroom and accessed anything inside the room as I wanted. This brought me back to my high school life when me or with friends, will stay in our classroom and have a lot of time either studying and have fun. Although I am quite anti-social, but I really missed those times. Now, those Empty Classrooms in high school, is empty without us, but is yet becoming the Empty Classroom for the juniors, just like how our seniors left it to us. Hope they found what we found in there.

However, when I found the Empty Classroom in NUS, there’s one study that will become the next Empty Classroom temporarily in my house. Pleasure will be heading to his National Service camp today and with him inside that camp, our study will be left as the Empty Classroom. Dad usually works in his own study while Mum actually evacuates around although she has her own study as well. Unlike me, Pleasure was sent off to a further camp – Kem Tasik Meranti, Wang Kelian. It is in Perak and is actually 5 minutes journey to enter Thailand but 4 hourse journey to travel back home. During my National Service, which is in Kem Rimba Taqwa, Sik, Kedah, the journey is around 2 hours and I still remember how tedious it is to be sent back just because I got conjunctivitis by accident. Even when there is a one-day holiday, the long journey sometimes reduced your holiday a lot. And when it comes to journeying by car, the experience of my car broke down on the last day of my National Service flashed back. I was starved the whole day, waiting my Mum and also after that, waiting some ‘not-so-brilliant’ car-repairer to fix the car, which in the end does nothing better to the car but left our car broke down all the way when we head back. In the end, our usual foremen came and sort the things out. Ahh, Pleasure won’t face anything like that probably, since my Mum had her car checked before the journey. He’s going to have his hair shaved today, ahh, maybe I should send back my camera so that he can take photos there. Don’t know how’s his jurulatih and roommate. I must say that I am very lucky to be with good jurulatih and roommate that time… Anyway, I am out of topic. Yea, after final exam, I will go back for vacation and will definitely fill myself into that Empty Classroom…

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