Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The End of IHG

The end of the end is the best way to start to write the end, no matter you are starting from the beginning of the beginning, the end of the beginning, the beginning of the end or the end of the end OR just the end (style from Lemony Snicket). After a season of business with trainings and competitions, the IHG finally ended.

Since I played volleyball before, so, I opted for volleyball for the first place where we played quite well along the season. This is where my number ‘1’ remain constant.

I still remember the mamat stall supper after our last match. It is very delicious and difficult to be forgotten…

Next, is the Soccer Girls! Soccer training, seriously, is one of the one which is quite seriously trained. It does not mean we didn’t have fun, but we trained as hard as we could. Well, ended up at 4th place is quite a success for me, when I never been a soccer match before…:P And we got our really dedicated coach and captain!

After that, I participated as a small small role in swim team as well. Girls ended up as 3rd place, earning myself a bronze medal. But, seriously, I didn’t contribute much on the bronze part. Guess I still need to beef up my skills…

Lastly is my gold medal factor – Softball. Yea, this is the team which I chose over squash early last semester. Still remember I worried a lot when I was to choose one from the two. In the end, I chose softball because it gave me the feel of being in a team and cheerful while train hard. It is really a PLAY HARD and TRAIN HARD team.

Hmm… How to say? Softball allows a lot of cool stuff other sports might not have, such as cheering like hell and wearing cool sunglasses(photo). The way you run, the way you wear caps, the way you bat, the way you have team briefing… It’s just to cool!

Before game, we cheer – After game, we CHEER!

This how a team looks like!


For King Edward VII Hall, we CHEER!


And just like volleyball, we had some party after the season. Pizzas, if you wanna know.

And this is why we got to touch our GOLD medal during IHG closing ceremony

The Hall presented even the Bronze medal during FHD. Thanks them for it because I think the most important thing is already in our heart. Without the medal, we are still proud as KEVIIans!!! Well, if you want to compare this, this is just like a medal you earn from School Sports and Inter-House Game. So, the status might be low and small, but all the hard work and friendship, it is really much much more compared to this two.

More Softball, Soccer, Swimming&Medal and Volleyball!!!

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