Saturday, March 21, 2009

So I have an ‘Ant Farm’

I never knew it is considered an Ant Farm but it all started on the nightly night when I have photo shoots for committee in King Edward VII Hall. There were wind blowing and my windows were opened and I heard some buzzing sounds of fluttered wings and turned around to see an ant as long as an inch on the floor, searching its way. I was amazed. My room never had any ants until this semester and I am starting to suspect that Higgin’s bookshelf being an ant nest in disguise. Well, what I did was found a cover and covered the ants so that I can keep it under control. I don’t like ant bites! Coincidentally, Carmen was online and I messaged her to see if she has any unwanted containers. She said yes and I was surprised when she actually brought me a large container which we used to pack food. I kept my first ant in it and dump some sugar, biscuits, apple and tissue + water. Seriously, I don’t know how to clear it now and it stinks. I named it My Pet Ant Annie. I don’t know whether it was a male or female…

Today, I discovered three more ants consequently in my room, the smallest is even bigger than the usual red ants. I wonder whether I should dismantle that SHELF to check *thinking*… And I successfully shoved them all into the same container. I started to search for its name but it is so hard that I can’t find much except knowing that I can let this be an Ant Farm. Since two of them are winged, meaning that Annie IS a girl and still a virgin. Too bad then, they will not have babies and my Ant Farm might collapse soon. But at the moment, let’s see what can I do for them… lol! I am still finding ways to discard those stinking food so that I can change a new one for them… If you do know how, do tell me!

Here is the site I found about interesting Ant Farm fans. And there is a store selling Ant colonies called Ant Store!

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